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Guardian Family Program

-Be part of something special

Our Cockapoos have become extremely sought after. We want to give more families opportunities to have a chance to get our Rare Cockapoos. The best way for us to expand is by starting a Guardian Program and allowing our breeding dogs into your amazing homes. Families who are accepted into this program have a great opportunity to own a Chris & Coco Cockapoo at a FRACTION of the cost. In exchange, our dogs join loving and caring families within a 50-mile radius (with some exceptions).


Im Interested

Fill out our application and state in the comments that you are interested in the guardian program. We'll contact you to discuss any further questions you may have or questions we may have for you. We'll set up a time for you to come to visit and meet us and our dogs. We'll set up a home visit where we'll bring the potential dog/puppy along. If all goes well, and a good match can be made, we'll set up a time to either drop the puppy off to you or for you to pick the puppy up to come be a new member of your family!

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