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Guardian Family Program

-Be part of something special

Our Cockapoos have become extremely sought after. We want to give more families opportunities to have a chance to get our Rare Cockapoos. The best way for us to expand is by starting a Guardian Program and allowing our breeding dogs into your amazing homes. Families who are accepted into this program have a great opportunity to own a Chris & Coco Cockapoo at a FRACTION of the cost. In exchange, our dogs join loving and caring families within a 50-mile radius (with some exceptions).

  • What Does it mean to be a Guadian Family?
    A guardian family takes a puppy/dog home as their own to be a permanent member of their family. They agree to raise, train, and care for a Coco's Family Cockapoos throughout their breeding career. In return for providing a home for one of our breeding dogs, ownership is transferred to the guardian family once the dog is finished with their breeding career. The dog becomes part of the guardian family, and only comes back to Coco's Cockapoos when health testing needs to be done, when it’s time to breed, or for females, when she’s ready to have her litter of puppies. She stays with us for about 8 weeks to have her puppies, then returns to her guardian home. Coco's Family Cockapoos pays for all breeding related costs (health testing, sonograms, etc.) and the guardian family is responsible for all normal pet costs (annual check ups and Vet visits, vaccines, heartworm, flea prevention, food, etc.).
  • What are the Benefits to Joining the Guardian Family?
    The puppy/dog is pick of the litter and is a trained within Coco's Family Cockapoo's Facility. The cost is $849. Once the dog is bred and successfully raises/sires a litter, the original $849 is refunded to the guardian. If the dog is never used, or found to be infertile, no further compensation is made and the guardian received a deep discount on a trained dog. Guardian families get the best Cockapoos Coco's Family has to offer, as we choose our breeding stock to have the best qualities, conformation, and temperament!
  • Coco's Cockapoos Guardian Family Home Requirements
    -Prefer you live within 60 miles of Coco's Family. Sometimes exceptions can be made. If you are close to Miami, Florida don't hesitate to reach out. -Guardian families must be willing to feed the premium food we feed our breeding dogs. -Provide basic obedience for your Coco's Family puppy -Someone must have a schedule that does not require the puppy to be left alone for long periods of time. -Keep open communication with Coco's Family and provide regular updates and photos as the puppy grows so we can update our web site. -Must be willing to follow Coco's Family recommendations for the dog’s veterinary care, such as vaccines, medications, etc. and be willing to transport dog to us or to our reproductive vets for appointments. -Willing and able to transport dog to Coco's Family for health testing, breeding, and whelping. -Keep the dog groomed.
  • Guardian Family FAQ's
    Q. How often do females come into heat? A. About every 6-8 months. Q. How long does heat last? A. heat cycle typically lasts 18 days. Q. When will her first heat be? A. Anywhere from 6 - 24 months. Q. How will I know she's in heat? A. At first, vaginal discharge is blood-tinged (In the winter, you may notice this in the snow outside where she pees, or you'll notice a drop of blood on your floor) and the vulva is swollen. Q. Is it messy? A. Typically you may notice a drop of blood on the floor here or there. For tile or wood floors, this is easy to clean up. If you have carpeting, you may want to use a doggie diaper. Each female is different but most keep themselves quite clean. Their bed can get stained while they're in heat so you may want to put a towel over it. Q. Does she have a bloody discharge the whole 18 days? A. No. She will likely have a bloody discharge for the first week but then when the female is receptive to males, her vaginal discharge decreases in amount and is straw-colored. Q. Will I have to worry about her getting bred by other male dogs? A. A female in heat can attract male dogs by her scent so, it's important to not let her outside alone unsupervised while she's in heat, even if you have a fenced yard. Q. Will she be sad to come home and leave her puppies after she's done raising them? A. While Breeding dogs are very attached to their puppies when they're born, and rarely leave their whelping pen, they start to wean them naturally when the puppies are about 6 weeks old. Slowly they nurse them less and less and start to become more and more interested in getting out and about for periods of time away from their puppies. By the time the puppies are 8 weeks old, the mama dog is ready to see them go! She's happy to be back home with her family again. Q. Can we visit while our guardian dog while Whelping with puppies? A. Yes, absolutely! Being part of the guardian program is an exciting way to be part of our breeding program. You'll get to see your guardian dog's puppies go on to be placed with families who will get to experience the same love and companionship your guardian dog brought to your family! Q. How many litters would a female have? A. All of our females are retired at 6 years of age, so could have about 4-5 litters.

Im Interested

Fill out our application and state in the comments that you are interested in the guardian program. We'll contact you to discuss any further questions you may have or questions we may have for you. We'll set up a time for you to come to visit and meet us and our dogs. We'll set up a home visit where we'll bring the potential dog/puppy along. If all goes well, and a good match can be made, we'll set up a time to either drop the puppy off to you or for you to pick the puppy up to come be a new member of your family!

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