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Our puppies are raised right inside of our homes and began training at 2 weeks of age. The puppies temperature and weight is monitored and tracked through our Smart Kennel, which comes equipped with a temperature gage and a heating and cooling system that gives the puppies the best chance at life. We socialize puppies early so they can understand that even though humans are giants, we will take care of them. Once puppies can regulate their own temperature, they are moved into the Home Simulation Kennel which sections areas for sleep, play and potty. This makes future potty training a smoother process. The puppies are all also trained with common house noises, car rides, grooming synthesize, scheduling and so forth.

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Who Is behind Coco's Cockapoos?

My name is Christian, However you can call me Chris. I am a recent Graduate from Florida International University with a Masters in Business Administration. I got into breeding when I learned more and more about Cockapoos with my experience with my own Cockapoo, Coco. I did hours and hours of research day in and day out on breeding for quality and improving the bloodline of your own specific Cockapoo. After expanding my knowledge, I decided to use my expertise in business administration and mix it with my passion in improving the quality of my breed. My goal is to have a unique bloodline and top of the line coat from my puppies all while practicing the most ethical strategies to ensure that all of my puppies are going to the best households and the dams retire early and live a happy long life. 

What makes Chris & Coco's family puppies special is that all of the decisions are in our dogs best interests. While continuing the hobby breeding, we will always strive to improve puppies diets, training, and living conditions. Regardless of whether or not you receive a puppy from us, you can ensure that all of our goal will always be to make sure our puppies are loved and go to amazing families.

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